Witch Fields

The new Rowan Amber Mill album Witch Fields - album releasing 26th July 2024.

01 July 2024

Hot on the heels of the 'A Siren Song' single release for Mindsummer's Day 2024, we are delighted to announce the forthcoming release of the 50 mins 05 secs long playing album 'Witch Fields'. It is an album containing tales (both dark and light) of the Witch Fields, where every year, they still tie 20 foot high corn dollies onto the electricity pylons hoping to harness the magic of both the old gods and the power of the new energy. The album takes in tales of fields cursed by the persecution of witches; the eternal hum of the hive overtaken by the hum of the new gods (the electricity pylons); the scent of that call of the summer; the coming of, and revenge on, the machines; the power of the plough returning all to the good earth; the echoes (and ghosts) of the past that scythe through into the present. By the way, it's our favourite collection of songs that we've made so far. Hope you like it too. The official release date is 26th July 2024, but pre-ordering opens 5th July 2024 and shipping of initial copies commencing around 12th July 2024.

The 'Witch Fields' album is an 12 track, 50 minute 05 second album. It is available as both a Deluxe Edition CD and a Digital Download Edition both from Bandcamp.

The Deluxe handnumbered Limited Edition includes A4 poster, four art cards, five stickers, two metal badges, and a full colour CD-r, all housed in a deluxe metal tin.

 Witch Fields

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