The Rowan Amber Mill release first new CD in three years (pre-order available)

23rd December 2017

We are pleased to announce that on 23rd January 2018 The Rowan Amber Mill are releasing a new CD called Harvest the Ears - cuts from the folk horror archive - vol. 1.

We'll let the Rowans explain:- "Harvest the Ears is a collection of new and old songs and tunes, either previously unreleased or released elsewhere and now remastered. They probably fit under the genre of Folk Horror, that's the way we think of them anyway. We thought it was about time to release some of those many cuts languishing in our archive, so here they are - the first volume."

Pre-orders of Harvest the Ears are available exclusively over at the Rowan Amber Mill Bandcamp page. Included with the CD pre-order is immediate digital download of all of the tracks. Tracks are also made available in both FLAC and 24bit formats (for the serious audiophiles among you).

Harvest the Ears collectors edition - A brand new limited hand numbered edition in a collectors tin that includes four glossy postcard prints, three newly designed badges, comprehensive liner notes and full colour CD-r.

If you want to keep up with all the minutiae of what the Rowan Amber Mill, are getting up to, then why not check them out on their FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram presences. At these places, they regularly reveal their internal monologues, musings, recommendations and quite a lot of photos of trees. Why not pop over and say hello!

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