The Rowan Amber Mill - The Haunted Future Silence Bequeathed


The Haunted Future Silence Bequeathed by The Rowan Amber Mill

Pre orders available direct from MillerSounds Bandcamp from 6th October 2023. (Orders begin shipping around 13th October 2023).

Deluxe Edition CD and Deluxe Digital release : 6th October 2023.

Track Listing: 1.Penny Loves London Town. 2. Cinnamon Pastures Wherever lWe Go. 3. Ghosts on Mopeds. 4. Their Shall Be No Rest (On Your Final Day). 5. The Fiteenth Mrs Prenderghast. 6. A Dream of the Waking Hours (Suite). 7. Witches Take the Discotheque. 8. To Sing the Silence. 9. The Witches Curse. 10. On the Pebblebeds. 11. Can't See the Witch for the Trees. 12. Someday You Will Find a Way. 13. The Woodwitch (Bonus Track). 14. Penny Loves London Town (Bonus Track).

'The Haunted Future Silence Bequeathed' long player is an 14 track, 68 minute compilation of songs based upon the folk horror films of the legendary film studio British Ligoncuss.

Format: Deluxe Edition Includes A4 poster, four art cards, four stickers, two metal badges, and a full colour CD-r, all housed in a deluxe meta tin.

Purchases of the CD Edition from Bandcamp also includes the digital download edition which includes retro film posters, and an 88 page pdf containing film synopses, faux film essays based on the original films.

CDs by other MillerSounds artists are available to buy on Bandcamp, and MillerSounds Store as well as all the usual online places Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby etc.


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