Disciples of the Scorpion Official soundtrack album


Disciples of the Scorpion Official Soundtrack

Pre orders available direct from MillerSounds Bandcamp from 23rd July 2021. (Orders begin shipping around 6th August 2021).

Deluxe CD & Digital release : 27th August 2021.

Track Listing: 1. Disciples of the Scorpion - Main Theme. 2. The Door and the Path. 3. Ratio. 4. Real Love Made Real. 5. Synthesizing the Grain and the Sea. 6. Truth and Betrayal. 7. Scorpion's Tail. 8. The Rise of the Scorpions. 9. And Unto the Sea. 10. They Closed Our Eyes. 11. A(cid) Trip to the Seaside (Flashback Dialogue). 12. Into the Waves. 13. Welcome Home. 14. A Picture of Her Eyes. 15. The Shipping Forecast (Dialogue). 16. Scorpion's Tail (Closing Theme). 17. Llew Er Af Ey B Do Og. 18. Disciples of the Scorpion (The Book of the Lost spoken introduction).

The 'Disciples of the Scorpion' OST is an 18 track, 77 minute, double album. It contains a blend of electronic, acid folk and electro-psyche tracks taken from the sound track of the legendary "lost" 1975 folk-horror film.

Format: Deluxe CD Edition including A4 poster, four art cards, two metal badges, five stickers, and a full colour CD-r, all housed in a full colour deluxe metal tin. Purchases of the CD from Bandcamp also includes a digital download.

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