The Rowan Amber Mill brand new track on Fractures compilation

13th June 2016

Happy release day to the Fractures compilation - curated by A Year in the Country.

The compilation includes a brand new track from The Rowan Amber Mill called Ratio (Sequence) and finds them in pastoral radiophonic mode. Other tracks come from a wide range of talented music makers such as: Circle / Temple (Dom Cooper / Rif Mountain), Sproatly Smith, Keith Seatman, Listening Center, The Hare And The Moon, David Colohan (United Bible Studies) and Polypores - to name but a few.

The CD is available in a couple of different editions directly from here: A Year in the Country.

Here is some info about Fractures:

"Fractures is a gathering of studies and explorations that take as their starting point the year 1973; a time when there appeared to be a schism in the fabric of things, a period of political, social, economic and industrial turmoil, when 1960s utopian ideals seemed to corrupt and turn inwards."

Here is the track listing:-

1) The Osmic Projector/Vapors of Valtorr – Circle/Temple

2) The Land Of Green Ginger – Sproatly Smith

3) Seeing The Invisible – Keith Seatman

4) Triangular Shift – Listening Center

5) An Unearthly Decade – The British Space Group

6) A Fracture In The Forest – The Hare And The Moon ft Alaska/Michael Begg

7) Elastic Refraction – Time Attendant

8) Ratio (Sequence) – The Rowan Amber Mill

9) The Perfect Place For An Accident – Polypores

10) A Candle For Christmas/311219733 – A Year In The Country

11) Eldfell – David Colohan

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