The  new Rowan Amber Mill project Rowan : Morrison e.p now available to pre-order

28th September 2018

We are delighted to announce that the new Rowan : Morrison (the chosen moniker of the musical collaboration between The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison) e.p Bury the Forests is now available to pre-order. 

Bury the Forests is a seven track e.p. and will be available as both a download, or in one of two different Deluxe CD Editions. Both CD editions (monochrome or colour editions) each have their own unique artwork. and contain four prints, three badges and a sticker all housed in a deluxe tin.  You can pre-order it over on either the Rowan Amber Mil Bandcamp site, or the Rowan : Morrison Bandcamp site. (You can also listen to some of the tracks over on Bandcamp whilst you are there). In due course, Bury the Forests will also be available from the MillerSounds Big Cartel store. The official release date of Bury the Forests is 20th October 2018, but pre-orders will begin shipping around the 10th October. 

Bury the Forests and it's parent album (due for release later in the year), are set in both the real and imagined histories of the Ridgeway ancient path, and surrounding landcscapes (Avebury, Silbury Hill, Stonehenge, Uffington White Horse chalk figure etc), and, in particular, the impact of man and his machinery on this sacred landscape, and how nature finds a way to fight back against such attacks. 

A further free download track 'We Rode the Horses' is available for seven days from the 28th September - you will also find it on the Rowan : Morrison Bandcamp site. 

Bury the Forests monochrome version
Bury the Forests colour version

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