The Rowan Amber Mill. Songs from the Black Meadow compilation re-released

11th June 2016

The Songs from the Black Meadow compilation - which features a track by The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison is being re-released.

This incredibly hard to find CD was originally released in 2014 and it has just been re-released by the wonderful Mega Dodo label, with all profits going to cancer research charities. The album contains songs from many fine artists such as: Kid Moxie, Alison O'Donnell, Keith Seatman, Emily Jones, The Hare And The Moon, Wyrdstone and The Soulless Party - to name but a few.

The album features 15 songs and is limited to 150 copies. The 15 track CD comes with an 8 page booklet and a handmade letter press sleeve. It is again a limited edition release, so if you want one don't delay as it looks like it is going to sell out again. Find more details over at Mega Dodo.

Here is the track listing:-

1) Black Meadow Song - The Hare And The Moon featuring Alison O'Donnell

2) The Horseman - Wyrdstone

3) The Meadow's Call - The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison

4) Playing Hop The Scotch - Keith Seatman

5) The Fruits Of The Moor - Winterberry

6) Blackberry Eyes - The Implicit Order

7) Search The Fields - Elena Martin

8) Radomes - The Soulless Party

9) Welcome To The Meadow - Eastgreen

10) We'll Go Beyond The Moor - Lost Trail

11) Dark Moss and Coldheart - Emily Jones

12) Deep Woods - Joseph Curwen

13) Song Of The Horseboy - Kid Moxie

14) Our Fair Land - Mervyn Williams featuring Theale Green School Senior Choir

15) When The Mist Spreads - Septimus Keen

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