The Rowan Amber Mill working on a new album with Angeline Morrison

28th February 2017

It has been a very long time in the making, but yes, The Rowan Amber Mill are currently with the multi-talented Angeline Morrison. The final few vocals are currently being recorded. All being well, mixing will likely commence sometime in the next couple of months.

We can't reveal too much about the album, but what we can say that it has been a labour of love, and is the result of quite a few years hard work from the original concept, through the writing (and rewriting) and recording. Expect more news of the album's progress very soon.

Angeline Morrison first worked with The Rowan Amber Mill on the song The Meadow's Call which was recorded for The Songs from the Black Meadow compilation album. They also recorded their min-album of seasonal offerings Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winter's Evening.

You can keep up to date with Angeline's many music making activities on her newly unveiled Angeline Morrison Music page on FaceBook.

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