The Rowan Amber Mill brand new track on The Quietened Village compilation

22nd April 2016

The Rowan Amber Mill have been busy recording new tracks since the new year and have five new tracks finished for various projects (including a couple of very unusual Nick Drake / Depeche Mode covers), they are also working on two long players which will see release in 2016/17 (all being well).

A new Rowan Amber Mill track will appear on a superb forthcoming compilation album released by the good people over at A Year in the Country. The album called The Quietened Village will also feature tracks by: Straw Bear Band, Sproatly Smith, Soulless Party, Howlround, and Polypores

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks over at A Year in the Country for more details of release dates, previews of the tracks etc. We have already heard the album and it is superb, so make sure you don't miss out on it when it is released on the 25th April 2016

Here is the track listing:-

1) At The Confluence Of The Mitta Mitta and Murray – David Colohan

2) Flying Over A Glassed Wedge – Howlround

3) The Drowning Of Mardale Green – The Straw Bear Band

4) Damnatorum – The Soulless Party

5) Playground Ritual – Polypores

6) Quopeveil – Richard Moult

7) Separations – The Rowan Amber Mill

8) Day Blink – Time Attendant

9) 47 Days And Fathoms Deep – A Year In The Country

10) Lost Villages Of Holderness – Sproatly Smith

11) Bunk Beds – Cosmic Neighbourhood

If you want to keep up with all the minutiae of what the Rowan Amber Mill, are getting up to, then why not check them out on their FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram presences. At these places, they regularly reveal their internal monologues, musings, recommendations and quite a lot of photos of trees. Why not pop over and say hello!

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