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Bury the Forests by Rowan : Morrison

Available to buy from: MillerSounds Store or Bandcamp

Bury the Forests by  Rowan : Morrison (The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison)

Released: 20th October 2018

Formats: Two separate Deluxe Editions in collectors tins both includes four prints, three newly designed badges, sticker and CD-r. Purchases of the CD from Bandcamp also includes immediate digital download option. Download available from MillerSounds Bandcamp.

Songs: 1. The Buzzard and the Nightingale 2. We Rode the Horses 3. Gather Around 4. The Meadow's Call (Ridgeway) 5. Fall to Sleep. Bonus tracks; 6. The Meadows Call (Original) remaster. 7. At the Circles End (Spoken) pts I, II.

"The 'Bury the Forests' e.p. is the first release by Rowan : Morrison (the musical collaboration of The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison. Witten and recorded over a number of years, the e.p. and the subsequent album (to be released in December 2018) explores the real and imagined history of the areas surrounding The Ridgeway ancient path (taking in Avebury, Silbury Hill, Stonehenge, Uffington WHite Horse etc). It especially focuses in on the conflict between man, his machinery and the ancient landscape. An allegorical tale warning of those "who know the cost of everything and yet the value of nothing. " - The Rowan Amber Mill, Sept 2018. Bury the Forests is available in two different Deluxe Editions (both with different artwork) which each contain pro-grade CDr housed in a deluxe metal tin, and also includes four prints, three badges and a sticker. Purchases of the CD from Bandcamp also includes immediate digital download option.

Other CDs are available to buy in the MillerSounds Store and Bandcamp, as well as all the usual online places Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby etc.


"The music here is pastoral, mysterious, eerie – Morrison’s voice, and her multi-layered harmonies, weave an almost sacred, spectral air over the instrumentation, which itself conjures a tightly woven web of mist shrouded shapes and softly-shifting figures, gliding across the soundscape like time honored ghosts. It’s an album for listening to while you’re waiting for sleep, when darkness brings out even broader impressions, and hallucinations too". Dave Thompson, Goldmine Magazine.

"Bury the Forests is a carefully crafted and sublime slice of psychedelic folk. This is the real deal, a genuine artifact that doesn’t simply seek to emulate or provide an imitation of the original, antiquated acid folk recordings of the past but which instead carries on and furthers the tradition in an individual and fascinatingly unique fashion". Grey Malkin, Folk Horror Revival.

"If your penchant is for music possessed of a spirituality, a heady enchantment and an almost impossibly bucolic charm then Bury The Forests is hardly likely to disappoint." Ian Fraser, Terrascope Magazine.

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