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folk devils and moral panics by The Rowan Amber Mill

Released: 24th August 2008.

Formats: Download only.

Songs: 1. The Hunter 2. Blood And Bones 3. Saturnalia 4. Spinning And Singing 5. A Miller's Tale 6. Wassail (Cider Lolly Mix).

The debut release by The Rowan Amber Mill, a six track collection of dark folk tunes, that were recorded whilst the band were still assembling and whilst they where working on Midsummers. The six track download only e.p. was originally released in 2008 on the way ahead of its time, but now sadly demised, (ethical download site).

With the demise of indmill, in September 2011 the band put together a deluxe download package available exclusively from BandCamp. The download is available in various formats including full CD quality, and download package includes cover art, promo CD artwork, a lyric sheet, liner notes and song notes.

Keen eyed viewers may even spot a very rare promo CD of folk devils and moral panics floating around. A couple of handful of these were put together in advance of any CD release in readiness to send out to reviewers. In the end promos were never issued and were sent out to fans instead.

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