Through Dark Polished Glass

The new Rowan Amber Mill album Through Dark Polished Glass - pre-ordering opens.

29th July 2022

We are happy to announce the forthcoming release of the long playing album 'Through Dark Polished Glass'. The album is a mystical journey through tales of the English Civil Wars, noting along the way how many parallels there are with the chaos of these very times that we are living through. It contains the recent singles 'The Ballad of the Witchfinder General', 'The Tree at Tyburn' and 'We Worked the Fields'. Pre-ordering opens on the 29th July 2022. The official release date is 22th August 2022, but shipping of the album will start in early August.

'Through Dark Polished Glass' album is an 16 track, 68 minute album. It is available as both a Deluxe Edition CD, Standard Edition CD and Digital Edition both from Bandcamp.

The Deluxe CD Edition includes A4 poster, four page lyric booklet, three art prints, four stickers, two metal badges, and a full colour CD-r, all housed in a full colour digipak.

The Standard CD Edition includes four page lyric booklet, and a full colour CD-r, all housed in a full colour digipak.

 Through Dark Polished Glass Deluxe Edition

A big thank you to all who have been supporting the label and bands during these difficult times. We are currently running down our existing stocks of releases, so if you want to check out and see if there is any gaps in your collection, then here is the MillerSounds Bandcamp site. Get in quick before they go!

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