Golen Strings to Tether the Sun by The Rowan Amber Mill


Golden Strings to Tether the Sun by The Rowan Amber Mill

Pre orders available direct from MillerSounds Bandcamp from 28th August 2020. Orders begin shipping around 14th September 2020.

Deluxe CD & Deluxe Digital release (both exclusive to MillerSounds Bandcamp) : 26th September 2020.

Digital release (11 track version) : 4th December 2020.

Track Listing: 1.  Blackleg Miner (Album Version). 2. Rosemary Lane. 3. Bedlam Boys. 4. Black is the Colour (Album Version). 5. Three Ravens. 6. John Barleycorn. 7. Bushes and Briars. 8. Sovay. 9. The Blacksmith. 10.  Now the Green. 11.  Rufford Park Poachers (Album Version). 12. Hares on the Mountain (Album Version). 13. The Barley and the Rye.

An album of traditional songs recorded during lockdown.

Format: Deluxe CD Edition. Three double-sided prints, two metal badges, five stickers, a hand-numbered limited edition certificate, and a full colur CD-r, all housed in a full colour deluxe metal tin. Purchases of the CD from Bandcamp also includes a digital download option.

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"Fully realised yet never overblown, the results are appropriately wintery.... 4 stars." Shingdig! Magazine. Read full review in issue 111 of Shindig! Magazine

"The arrangements, as you’d expect from the Mill, are lavish, laced in traditional instrumentation, and yet performed with such gorgeous simplicity that one almost wants to shake a fist at the folk rock creations of yore. This is how this music should be heard, and long may the Mill continue to turn it out." Read full review at Goldmine Magazine

"If you enjoy traditional folk songs that combine a homage to the original and a contemporary interpretation, then this album is for you. Some might dub it 'folk rock' but actually this is mellower than that and very is beautifully delivered, with occasional orchestral backing. This is music to be played live, and should be music to the ears of both folk aficionados and the wider listening public." Read full review at FATEA Magazine

"The listener will surely find many familiar songs among the titles on this album, but the arrangements that they are dressed up in could result in a big surprise. These songs are also wisely chosen references to older times when life was in some ways less complicated. A very much appreciated way to escape, even if only for an hour, our uncertain and frenzied modern world." Read full review at Bright Young Folk

"Dark drones, chilling vocals and claustrophobically tight production that together give the listener a haunting sense of unease. This slightly unnerving quality even can be felt lurking in the background of the most beautiful and pastoral of the album’s tracks. This is a very impressive feat." Read full review at Record Crates United

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