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Available to buy from: MillerSounds Store or Bandcamp

Harvest the Ears - Cuts from the folk horror archive - vol 1. by The Rowan Amber Mill

Released: 23rd January 2018

Formats: Limited hand-numbered edition in a collectors tin that includes four glossy postcard prints, three newly designed badges, comprehensive liner notes and full colour CD-r. Download available from MillerSounds Bandcamp.

Songs: 1. The Book of the Lost (extended opening titles) 2. Separations 3. The Witch Twists the Pins 4. Face of Flowers (Woodcut) 5. A' Hunting 6. Pit of Horror. Bonus tracks The Witch Twists the Pins (Instrumental) and The Call of the Black Meadow I, II, III.

"Harvest the Ears is a collection of new and old songs and tunes, either previously unreleased or released elsewhere and now remastered. They probably fit under the genre of Folk Horror, that's the way we think of them anyway. We thought it was about time to release some of those many cuts languishing in our archive, so here they are - the first volume." - The Rowan Amber MIll, Jan 2018. The pro-grade full colour CDr is housed in a limted edition hand-numbered collectors tin, and also includes four prints and three badges. Purchases of the CD from Bandcamp also includes immediate digital download option.

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"A brilliant piece." - Stuart Maconie, The Freak Zone, BBC 6 Music .

"This is an album then that belies its compilation or assorted collection status; it genuinely works as a piece in its own right and sits comfortably and confidently alongside the other Rowan Amber Mill recordings. Highly recommended to those who are keen on investigating the musical side of the folk horror revival, this is indeed a rich harvest for the ears. Time to gather the corn." - Grey Malkin, Folk Horror Revival .

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