Harrowed by the Stones by The Rowan Amber Mill


Harrowed by the Stones - Cuts from the Folk Horror archive  vol. 2 by The Rowan Amber Mill

Pre orders available direct from MillerSounds Bandcamp from 04th December 2020. Orders begin shipping around 11th December 2020.

Deluxe CD & Digital release (both exclusive to MillerSounds Bandcamp) : 11th December 2020.

Track Listing: 1. Disciples of the Scorpion - Main Theme (Heavy Mix). 2. Ratio (Sequence). 3. Mandrake, Hemlock and Rye (Ergotism). 4. The Ghosts Coalesce. 5. Processional Waltz (Beltane Mix). 6. Mandrake, Hemlock and Rye (Acoustic Reprise). 7. Synthesizing the Grain and the Sea (Samhain Mix). 8. Ocarina Procession. 9. Blood and Bones (Original Instrumental). 10. The Rain on the Rye (Instrumental Version). 11. The Peppermint Pig. 12. Mandrake, Hemlock and Rye (Woodcut). 13. Roots and Fusion.

This compilation is a follow up to 'Harvest the Ears - cuts from the folk horror archive vol 1.' It is a compilation of (almost entirely) instrumental music, containing a mixture of new and older unreleased tracks, and tracks only previously available on various compilations. All remastered for this release. The accompanying artwork of the Deluxe Edition release includes artwork from our artchive including a Wicker Man scratched print, a wax crayon shaded Penda's Fen inspired gargoyle, and some recovered cine film images.

Format: Deluxe CD Edition including mini poster, three double-sided prints, two metal badges, four stickers, a hand-numbered limited edition certificate, and a full colour CD-r, all housed in a full colour deluxe metal tin. Purchases of the CD from Bandcamp also includes a digital download option.

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