In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses by Rowan : Morrison

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In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses byRowan : Morrison (The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison)

Pre orders available direct from MillerSounds Bandcamp from 24th November 2018.

CD general release: 1st January 2019. Digital release: 30th January 2019.

Format: Deluxe CD Edition. Three prints, three metal badges, 6 panel booklet including lyrcis and liner notes, a sticker and retro vinyl CD-r, all housed in a deluxe metal tin. Purchases of the CD from Bandcamp also includes immediate digital download option. Download available from MillerSounds Bandcamp.

Track listing: 1. The Buzzard and the Nightingale 2. Maid of Chalk Hill  3. The Cold Stones (Circle Around) 4. These are Golden Days 5. We Rode the Horses 6. On Ridgeway Fields / Sumer Is a Cumen 7. Gather Around 8. Middle Acre 9. An Ending Just Begun 10. One Place Forever 11. Hawks and Sparrows 12. The Meadow's Call (Ridgeway) 13. Overton Hill 14. Long Lost Fields 15. Valley Song 16. Fall to Sleep 17. At the Circles End pts I,II (Unspoken)

"Following on from their 'Bury the Forests' e.p. comes the 17 track, 70 minute debut album by Rowan : Morrison (the musical collaboration of The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison) called  'In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses'. Written and recorded over a number of years, the e.p. and album explore the real and imagined history of the areas surrounding The Ridgeway ancient path (taking in Avebury, Silbury Hill, Stonehenge, Uffington WHite Horse etc). It especially focuses in on the conflict between man, his machinery and the ancient landscape. An allegorical tale warning of those "who know the cost of everything and yet the value of nothing."

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