Rowan : Morrison In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses two-disc release

Rowan : Morrison set to release a limited two-disc edition of In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses

18th November 2022

Rowan : Morrison (the chosen moniker of the musical collaboration between The Rowan Amber Mill (Stephen Stannard) and Angeline Morrison. 2022 have separately been very busy this year. Stephen has two albums released (one as part of the pysch folksters Meadowsilver, the other the English Civil War themed album by The Rowan Amber Mill, and is currently in the middle of recording a brand new album. Angeline has released two albums (The Borwn Girl and Sorrow Songs) which have both been garnering rave reviews, she has appeared at numerous festivals, been interviewed and performed on BBC radio 2, 3 and 6, her recent album is included in MOJO magazine's Top 10 Folk Albums of the Year list. She also made her national TV debut on Later with Jools Holland.

As a busy year draws to a close, Rowan : Morrison have been working on a very special re-release of their critically lauded 2019 album In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses. This expanded re-release is avaiable from 18th November 2022, ahead of its release date of 2nd December 2022. The special release will fature re-worked artwork and include the original album, plus a 79 minute bonus disc which includes live tracks from their Woolf II Festival appearance, plus previously unreleased and rare unavaiable versions of songs. The Standard Edition digipack release will include an eight page lyric booklet. The Deluxe Edition digipack includes the eight page lyric booklet alongside an A4 poster, three prints, art stickers, three art cards and two metal badges, all of which are housed in a very special screen printed artisan bag.

In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses album is available to purchase over at on Rowan : Morrison's BandCamp and also from Angeline's BandCamp .


Review by Shindig Magazine. "****/5. Rowan Morrison is the combined talents of Stephen Stannard (The Rowan Amber Mill) and Angeline Morrison (We Are Muffy). It's also the name of the missing girl from The Wicker Man, and whilst this isn't explicitly referred to, that film's theme of the revenge of the old ways underpins this album. It's an epic meditation on ideas that the pagan folk genre often hints at, but has rarely articulated as fulsomely as this, a rising up of nature against the modern age of property development and fracking. As you'd expect, a key influence throughout is the folk revival sounds of the early 70s, with plentiful dulcimer, flute and accoustic guitar. Orchestral interludes in the English pastoral tradition also add colour, and Morrison plays the maiden-child role perfectly. Highlights include the beautiful melancholy of On Ridgeway Fields, the spooky synth augmented  An Ending Just Begun and the yearning, Broadcast-ish The Meadow's Call. " Joe Banks, Shindig! Magazine.

Review by RnR! magazine - "****/5. "With any album the music is more important than the packaging, but sometimes the packaging is so good it just has to be mentioned. The CD version of this album comes in a small metal tin no less, with three badges, a sticker, three prints and a lyric booklet on very high quality paper. It's a real object of desire for the music collector. The music therein is made by The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison, the former alt-folk veterans of more than a decade, the latter the producer of solo albums and band collaborator in the same vein for a similar period. It's a concept piece set along the Ridgeway that concerns itself with the despoiling of the earth by man and the eventual fightback of nature and the consequences of that. It's as ambitious as the packaging and as successful, with vaulting orchestrations, hypnotic vocals, and powerful words richly evoking the natural world and its beauty. It draws the listener in and envelopes them in its world and with its pastoral feel and quiet grandeur In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses recalls nothing so much as Vaughan Williams's mighty oeuvre. A timely emotive and powerful work. " Jeremy Searle, RnR magazine.


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