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Fields of Frost by Rowan : Morrison

Available to download from: Bandcamp

Fields of Frost album by Rowan : Morrison (The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison)

Pre orders available direct from MillerSounds Bandcamp from 13th December 2019.

CD general release: 31st December 2019.

Format: The Double Deluxe Edition contains 12 tracks from Fields of Frost, and for a limited time all six tracks from the long out of print Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winter's Evening album. The package includes four art cards, three stickers, two badges, a hand-numbered limited edition certificate and a vinyl effect CDr, all housed in a stunning metal tin. Double Deluxe Edition. Purchases of the CD from Bandcamp also includes immediate digital download option of Fields of Frost. Download available from MillerSounds Bandcamp.

Track listing: 1. Fields of Frost 2. Ocarina Procession (Cinnamon) 3. Christmas is Now Drawing Near at Hand 4. Coventry Carol (a capella) 5. Als I Lay on Yoolis Night 6. The Box of Delights 7. Lyke Wake Dirge 8. The Witch's Lament (Cornucopia) 9. Coventry Carol 10. Als I Lay on Yoolis Night (a capella) 11. Lyke Wake Dirge (a capella) 12. Christmas is Now Drawing Near at Hand (a capella).

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Fields of Frost reached Roots and Fusion's Top 50 albums of 2019.

'Morrison has a voice that just wraps itself around you, while Stannard’s multi-instrumental accompaniment and production paint the entire album into firelight and panelled walls, while the wind howls unheard behind the wainscotting. It’s a feel that a lot of artists today aim for, but Rowan Amber Mill is one of the few who consistently get it right. We’re going to miss that as well, when it’s gone.', Dave Thompson, Goldmine Magazine. Read full review here.


'With ancient carols and psychedelic-tinged originals, Morrison and Stannard remind you that while the winter may be the harshest time of year, it is indeed necessary to bring forth a fruitful spring (which is something to remember when the news seems to be at its bleakest). Their crisp mixture of joyful and somber sounds suggests both the hope that lies under the ice and also the beauty that can still be found in the dark days and frigid nights..', Record Crates United. Read full review here.


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