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Rowan : Morrison album Fields of Frost pre-order available

13th December 2019

Rowan : Morrison (the chosen moniker of the musical collaboration between The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison) have returned with a new album, Fields of Frost.

Having released the lauded album "In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses" at the beginning on 2019, Angeline and Stephen have recently been working again on a clutch of new tracks celebrating the season of Winter.

Fields of Frost is available as both a download, and as a very special Double Deluxe Edition contains 12 tracks from Fields of Frost, and for a limited time all six tracks from the long out of print Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winter's Evening album. The package includes four art cards, three stickers, two badges, a hand-numbered limited edition certificate and a vinyl effect CDr, all housed in a stunning metal tin.

Fields of Frost is available to pre-order from Rowan : Morrison's BandCamp .


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