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Rowan : Morrison are the combined musical talents of The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison

Having previously worked together on the winter-themed Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winters Evening (2014) mini album, they shortly after embarked upon a collaboration that would eventually result in the Bury the Forests e.p. (2018) and the 17 track concept album In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses (2019). The debut album by Rowan: Morrison received some glowing (four star) reviews in music magazines, and radio support including plays on BBC6 Music's Stuart Maconies Freak Zone.

They returned later in 2019 with their winter-themed album Fields of Frost which reached Roots and Fusions Top 50 albums of 2019, and also received radio play on BBC6 Music's Stuart Maconies Freak Zone.

In 2020 they released their third album Lost in Seaburgh Lost in Seaburgh an ambitious suite of songs inspired by the ghost stories of M R James. The album sold out on release

In 2021 they released their fourth album Bride of the Wintertide a further collection of songs inspired by the Winter. They alo re-released the Lost In Seaburgh album complete with new artwork inspired by the illustration style of the original M R James books.

The music of Rowan: Morrison is available as both a download and Deluxe Edition CD packages from Bandcamp and MillerSounds on Big Cartel


Rowan : Morrison In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses Deluxe Edition



"An epic meditation on ideas that the pagan folk genre often hints at, but has rarely articulated as fulsomely as this, a rising up of nature against the modern age of property development and fracking". ****/5.Shinding magazine

"Vaulting orchestrations, hypnotic vocals, and powerful words richly evoking the natural world and its beauty. It draws the listener in and envelopes them in its world and with its pastoral feel and quiet grandeur In the Sunshine We Rode the Horses recalls nothing so much as Vaughan Williams's mighty oeuvre. A timely emotive and powerful work." ****/5. RnR Magazine

"You wonder why albums this spellbinding are still leaking out on small boutique labels, when it ought to be sung from the rooftops". - Goldmine magazine.

"It’s a shame that as a self-released album coming so late in the year that this will miss so many of the best-of lists but then this is a beautifully packaged yet somehow understated album destined, it seems, for “lost classic” status, to be rediscovered and cherished by generations of pilgrims on the old straight track. Somehow we think they would approve." - Terrascope Magazine.

"In The Sunshine We Rode The Horses is an ambitious and necessarily thought-provoking work and makes an important and powerful statement that proves both irresistible and cumulatively convincing." Folk Radio. Read full review.

If you want to keep up with all the minutiae of what the Rowan Amber Mill are getting up to, then why not check them out on their FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram presences. At these places, they regularly reveal their internal monologues, musings, recommendations and quite a lot of photos of trees. Why not pop over and say hello!

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