Artist: Meadowsilver

Meadowsilver release The Breath of the Ice Queen single

25th March 2022

"Meadowsilver, have today released the single The Breath of the Ice Queen and it is available over on Bandcamp - MillerSounds Bandcamp and also from Gayle's Bandcamp and Grey's Bandcamp.

The Breath of the Ice Queen is Meadowsilver's second single to be taken from their forthcoming second album 'II'.

Meadowsilver are three pysch-folksters comprising Gayle Brogan (Pefkin, Burd Ellen ), Grey Malkin (Hare and the Moon, Widow's Weeds) and Stephen Stannard of (The Rowan Amber Mill, Rowan : Morrison).

Meadowsilver The Breath of the Ice Queen cover

Please also enjoy the video for Meadowsilver's Beneath A Hunter's Moon.

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