Artist: Meadowsilver

Meadowsilver release Fair Sapphire single

30th August 2019

"Meadowsilver, have today released the single Fair Sapphire exclusively on Bandcamp - Bandcamp Fair Sapphire release. This release will be exclusive to Bandcamp for seven days, before its digital download / streaming release on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Play, Deezeer and all the usual places on the 6th September 2019.

Fair Sapphire is Meadowsilver's third digital single, following up Midsummer's Queen and their cover of Hushabye Mountain. Meadowsilver will be following the digital releases with physical releases later on in 2019".

Meadowsilver are three pysch-folksters comprising Gayle Brogan (Pefkin), Grey Malkin (Widow's Weeds) and Stephen Stannard of (The Rowan Amber Mill).

Meadowsilver Fair Sapphire cover

Please also enjoy the video for Meadowsilver's Fair Sapphire .

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