Garland Queens and Old Straw Bears by Meadowsilver

Available to stream / download from Bandcamp

Garland Queens and Old Straw Bears by Meadowsilver

Format: Digital single (stream / download)

General release date: 1st April 2022. (Exclusively on Bandcamp - MillerSounds Bandcamp and also from Gayle's Bandcamp and Grey's Bandcamp.

Meadowsilver are the psych folk trio of Gayle Brogan (Pefkin, Burd Ellen), Grey Malkin (Hare and The Moon, Widow's Weeds) and Stephen Stannard of (The Rowan Amber Mill, Rowan : Morrison).

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Meadowsilver Reviews

"Meadowsilver is on one hell of a roll right now. Fair Sapphire is their third single this summer, and it is filled with the chill, breeziness and faded greens that also come with the transitioning of the season. Much like the previous two singles, “Fair Sapphire” is a mysteriously ethereal piece that mixes astral English folk sounds and psychedelic electronics in a way that somehow feels completely natural. It’s almost like the spirit of old Britain has evolved along with the technology of the digital age, and this track is its voice. Hypnotically tranquil and just a tad eerie, “Fair Sapphire” is a track that you should reach for the next time you find yourself passing through a rural landscape that has a strong, enigmatic presence to it." - Record Crates United.

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