The Coronation of the Herring Queen by Meadowsilver

Available to stream / download from Bandcamp

The Coronation of the Herring Queen (single edit) by Meadowsilver

Format: Digital single (stream / download)

General release date: 27th September 2019 Bandcamp release

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"From the moment the floral wind pipes that greet the beginning of this give way to dissolve back into the landscape, you are already under its spell lost in joyful rapture. The fourth single from Meadowsilver about to emerge via Miller Sounds entitled ‘the Coronation of the Herring Queen’, finds the trio blending enchantment with the eerie, this softly dappled psyche folk spiritual leads a delirious dance whose heraldic tailoring is finitely cut in the finest of mystical coats and whose magisterial courtship bonds a serene and seductive bewitching you’d be hard pressed to hear better outside of a Lake Ruth platter." - The Sunday Experience.

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