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Singles e.p. by Meadowsilver

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Singles e.p. by Meadowsilver

Format: Deluxe CD Edition / Download.  Deluxe Limited Edition CD includes three art prints, vinyl effect CDr, two art badges, four stickers and hand-numbered limited edition certificate.

Tracks: Midsummer's Queen, Fair Sapphire, The Coronation of the Herring Queen and She Casts Her Spell.

General release date: 31st October 2019

Cat no: milledCD012

Bandcamp release

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"An astonishingly beautiful set of songs that brings considerable inventiveness to the psych-folk and electric folk fields." Bliss Aqaumarine. Read the full review here

"Meadowsilver lead the dance. Stannard and co. have made an esoteric musical treat." Music For Zombies Blog Read the full review (in the form of a Ceefax page) here

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