Stephen Stannard Between Dust and Desire

Stephen Stannard album Between Dust and Desire pre-ordering opens for Deluxe Limited Edition

28th April 2023

Following on from the release of 'High and Dry' mini album, and the trio of singles ('Lost and Alone (and Driving)', 'We Can Begin' and 'The Lacemaker', we are pleased / relieved to be able to bring you news of the album, which has the title 'Between Dust and Desire', which is suitably apt. But what does it sound like? The call of Summer. The regret of Autumn? An AM radio as it drifts between stations on a long car journey? The French New Wave cinema? Paris? Paris / Texas? The glow of red sandstone? An old, faded copy of The Grapes of Wrath with copious pencil annotations? The scent of the pine forest in the heat of Summer? Does that help in any way? Its got 10 tracks (or 11 if you get the CD) over 45 mins, and we hope you like it and you find it a suitable distraction.

So, you can pre-order the Deluxe Limited Edition of the Between Dust and Desire album over on Stephen's Bandcamp on Friday 28th April. This will be a limited edition release. It will feature a poster, art cards, two metal badges, colour CDr and four stickers, a glossy gatefold digpack wallet, all housed in a screen printed hessian bag. It also features an exclusive bonus track that will not be available elsewhere. Shipping will begin around 7th May 2023, with the official release date of this version being on 2nd June. The official release date for all those Streaming and Digital services being on 7th July 2023. Who knows where we will be by then. 

 Stephen Stannard Between Dust and Desire

At time of writing. Stephen has finished writing for both a further solo album and also a new Rowan Amber Mill album, but who knows which of those will be recorded. There is also plans afoot to release expanded versions of some early Rowan Amber Mill albums sometime during 2023.

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If you want to keep up with all the minutiae of what Stephen, is getting up to, check himm out as he posts on the FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram presences of The Rowan Amber Mill. At these places, he regularly reveals his internal monologues, musings, recommendations and quite a lot of photos of trees. Why not pop over and say hello!

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