We Can Begin by Stephen Stannard

Stephen Stannard releases We Can Begin single

6th January

Following on from releasing the 'High and Dry' mini-album last month, Stephen Stannard is continuing to plot new courses, reaching out to the mid-west (of some place or other). It's a long road, and progress is being made, but it is thirsty work. The 'We Can Begin', single is taken from a forthcoming album, which will be out in time for the Summer drought (no doubt).

We Can Begin (Radio Edit) is released today. You can stream and / or download it for free over on Stephen's Bandcamp

Stephen's mini-album High and Dry is also available, again, from Stephen's Bandcamp.

 Stephen Stannard High and Dry

Stephen will be working on his debut solo album in early 2023, and hopes to have the album ready for release in April / May. He has also been writing a new Rowan Amber Mill album for release at the end of October 2023. There is also plans afoot to release expanded versions of some early Rowan Amber Mill albums sometime during 2023.

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If you want to keep up with all the minutiae of what Stephen, is getting up to, check himm out as he posts on the FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram presences of The Rowan Amber Mill. At these places, he regularly reveals his internal monologues, musings, recommendations and quite a lot of photos of trees. Why not pop over and say hello!

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