Making Tea for Robots - Debut album Follows Shortly available to pre-order.

24th May 2018

Making Tea for Robots will release their debut album Follows Shortly on 1st June 2018. This album is available to pre-order on 25th May 2018.

Follows Shortly is a 15 track album which is available in a Deluxe Edition, housed in a gorgeous tin and includes four glossy postcard prints, three newly designed "retro" badges, liner notes and full colour CD-r). It is also available as a download. The CD edition will be available from our stores over on Bandcamp and Big Cartel, whilst the download edition is available exclusively from our Bandcamp store.

This is what Making Tea For Robots had to say: - "Follows Shortly is a thirty minute collection of new (mostly) analogue synthesizer tunes inspired by both the programmes and their theme tunes of the "Programmes for Schools and Colleges" strand shown on TV during term time weekdays in the 1970s. The tunes are inspired by both the work of The Radiophonic Workshop heard on the BBC at the time and the vast collection of Library Music ustilised by ITV for their offerings in the strand. Our offering embraces the hopes and promises of a bright technology led future and the stark realities of the dystopian present. "

To give you more of a flavour of Follows Shortly, here is a video album sampler containing a number of the tracks on the album.

Over on Facebook, Making Tea For Robots are conducting a month-long weekday splurge of posting in support of the forthcoming release of Follows Shortly. It includes curated essays, artwork, videos etc. So, if you want to keep up to date with the posts, head over to the Making Tea For Robots FaceBook page.

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