Making Tea for Robots - Album announced. Free Track Download. New Videos.

1st May 2018

We are delighted to announce that Making Tea for Robots debut album Follows Shortly will er, follow shortly and be released on 1st June 2018.

Follows Shortly is inspired by the "Programmes for Schools and Colleges" TV programmes shown on schooldays from the 60s through to the early 90s, and most especially their theme tunes. What does it sound like, well - it is was made with sounds 1970's analogue synths, sounds like radiophonic and library music, and it sounds a bit like the taste of Spangles and Fruit Salad chews.

Perhaps a better help with their sound may be to hear something. So, in the spirit of May Day, Beltane and / or International Worker's Day, Making Tea for Robots have made available their eponymous track available for Free streaming and Free download over on BandCamp.


They have also put together some videos (in that 1970s "Programmes for Schools and Colleges" style). Here are a couple of them:-



If you want to keep up with what Making Tea for Robots are getting up to (when they are not making tea for robots), then check them out on their Making Tea for Robots FaceBook page. They will be posting over there every week day in May which will include curating a top ten of "Programmes for Schools and Colleges" theme tunes, plus their own videos, artwork, album news, preview tracks, pre-orders etc. Why not pop along?

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