Among the Gorse to Settle Scores by The Rowan Amber Mill


Among the Gorse to Settle Scores by The Rowan Amber Mill

Pre orders available direct from MillerSounds Bandcamp from 29th May 2020. Orders begin shipping around 8th June 2020.

CD & Digital general release: 26th June 2020.

Track Listing: 1.  Black is the Colour (Single Edit). 2. Rufford Park Poachers. 3. Three Ravens (a capella) 4. Hares on the Mountain (Single Edit). 5. Blackleg Miner (Single Edit). 6. Black is the Cololur ( Acoustic Edit).

A mini album of traditional songs recorded during lockdown.

Format: Deluxe CD Edition. Three double-sided prints, two metal badges, four stickers, a hand-numbered limited edition certificate, and a retro vinyl CD-r, all housed in a full colour deluxe metal tin. Purchases of the CD from Bandcamp also includes a digital download option.

CDs by other MillerSounds artists are available to buy in the MillerSounds Store and Bandcamp, as well as all the usual online places Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby etc.


 "There’s a new mini-album on the shelves. And what a gem it is." GoldMine Magazine.

"As delightfully eerie a treat as you could hope to expect from a dirge of dark subject matter without getting too down about it." Terrascope Magazine.

"Both fulsome and creatively scored and much in the tradition of psych-folk-pop." Folk Radio.

"What you’ll find on this EP is slightly eerie psych-rock interpretations of such classics as “Black Leg Miner” and “Black is the Color,” that could easily belong in a modern folk horror film." Record Crates United.

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