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December 2012 The Rowan Amber Mill have contributed a track to the latest in a series of dark folk double compilation CDs put out by the Cold Spring label. 'Hail Be You Sovereigns, Lief And Dear' is described as follows -" John Barleycorn is king of the fields, gloriously robed in green and crowned with sheaves of golden wheat. He reigns all summer long, but is cut down and deposed at harvest-time, only to be reborn and reinstated the following year. He relies on no arid theory to justify his rule, but only his endless generosity to his subjects. The King is dead - long live the King. 30 tracks from the cream of current dark British Folk music". It is released at the end of December but you can pre-order now direct from Cold Spring.

November 2012. The Rowan Amber Mill have put together a video for their song Face Of Flowers. The song and the video were inspired by the ancient welsh Mabinogion tales and The Owl Service book and TV series. We hope you like it.

October 2012 We have finished the slow tidying up of our pages here at MillerSounds. The whole site is being re-organised in preparation for a some other bands who'll be releasing their music on our MillerSounds label, plus some interesting joint ventures with other small labels, during the course of 2013 and beyond. The Rowan Amber Mill incredibly busy recording at the moment and all is progressing nicely

Also, the very limited edition Active Listener cassette tape compilation is currently available to order (be quick though). Our contribution is a rather sonic version of one of our new songs Mandrake, Hemlock And Rye. Ordering details are here. You can also stream for free or download the compilation on Bandcamp - the whole album is downloadable for $2.

September 2012. The Rowan Amber Mill have completed a new song entitled Mandrake, Hemlock And Rye and (all being well) a special version of the song will appear on a limited edition compilation cassette to celebrate the first birthday of the wonderful Active Listener site. More news when we hear it. Preparations for a new Rowan Amber Mill e.p. are progressing nicely and they have even have the artwork sorted. It looks likely that it will be released very early in 2013. There are a couple of other very exciting things in the pipeline and we'll let you know about them as the come to fruition.

July 2012. It's been a fair while since we've updated the website - it definitely needs a spring clean. I would recommend, if you want to keep up with news of the Rowan Amber Mill, to check out their Facebook page because that is where they post when there is anything to say. Wheels have started turn and the cogs are beginning to whir into action - basically The Rowan Amber Mill are back recording again, and hope full time recording will commence in September. In the meantime, they have recorded a new track for the fourth in the series of dark folk compilations put together by the Cold Spring label. You may recall, they had an exclusive track included on the third installment double compilation CD a couple of years back entitled "We Bring You a King With A Head Of Gold ". The new track is called 'On Ridgeway Fields' and the compilation CD is entitled "Hail Be You Sovereigns, Lief And Dear". When we know the release date we'll let you know.

They have also posted up the video for their recently reworked and completed song entitled "Tree Song" over at their place on YouTube. This was a song written in protest over the UK Government's proposal to sell off vast areas of publicly owned forest and woodland areas.

Also, The Rowan Amber Mill have recently done an interview and an accompanying guest mix for the lovely people over at the wonderful Active Listener site. Read and listen here

January 2012. A message from The Rowan Amber Mill. 2011 was a year of frustration. Our best intentions came up short against the plain fact that there are just not enough hours in the day to get nearly enough done. Recording and mixing has always been a very long process for us at the best of times, ally that to our over-riding domestic responsibilities, and the making of music for a part time band must always play 2nd, if not 3rd or 4th fiddle. (Of course this is not helped by the scrapping of the majority of two lots of recordings we started earlier in the year either). There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and by Summer 2012 things should be on track again so we can concentrate fully on making more music. Currently there are a couple of ep's worth of songs that are approaching finishing and that will be released in due course. On the positive side 2011 provided ample opportunity for writing new songs and there are a couple of armfuls of new tracks we can't wait to get recorded - it's just a matter of time.

September 2011. A message from The Rowan Amber Mill. Summer came and went. Recording took a back seat as we took advantage of the good weather to clear out and the kit out the studio to help the acoustics. Now that is all complete I will be looking to finish off the recording. The intention is to release a couple of 4 track ep's, the first one some time near the end of the year, followed by an album after that. We have just put together a deluxe download package of our debut release folk devils and moral panics. The 6 track mini-album was originally released in August 2008 as an exclusive download on the wonderful Since indmill's sad demise earlier in the year it has been unavailable. We have now put together a deluxe download package available exclusively from There you can stream folk devils and moral panics for free, and if you decide you want buy it  you can choose how much you'd like to pay. The deluxe download is available in various formats including full CD quality, and the download package includes cover art, extra promo CD artwork, lyric sheet, liner notes and song notes.

Summer 2011. The Rowan Amber Mill are in the process of recording 15 new songs, it's been a slow, slow, process but they are very pleased with how its sounding so far. The current intention is to release an e.p. some time in the autumn, followed by an album after that. You can follow the progress of recording on their facebook and twitter pages.

March 2011. The Rowan Amber Mill's first recording of 2011, Tree Song has been completed and is now available freely over the internet. The song was written in anger about the UK government's scandalous, short-sighted and self serving proposal to sell off huge swathes of public owned forest to private industry - all for a cheap buck. If you want to check out their alt-folk protest song it is on their soundcloud and FaceBook pages.

February 2011. The Rowan Amber Mill , ever eager to pursue the current trends in musical fashion, have succumbed to the inevitable economic downsizing which has meant Terry and Sharon have left the band. Actually the reason is that we just do not have the time available to all join together, gather in the songs,then thrash them out, rebuild them, hone them, record, and re-record them. So, Terry and Sharon will be pursuing their other myriad of musical outlets, and The Rowan Amber Mill reverts back to a solo project containing only a solitary Stephen. (At the moment we am unable to confirm or deny the rumor that Terry and Sharon will replace Meg and Jack White in The White Stripes).

As we speak, the Rowan Amber Mill have a large number of songs written for a possible release somewhere down the road. The aforementioned lack of time has hindered the subsequent recording of these new songs, but, they will start to trickle out in due course. So keep your ears open, and check their Facebook page, because news of new songs will be revealed there first.

December 2010. The Rowan Amber Mill have an exclusive track on a new double compilation CD that is entitled "We Bring You a King With A Head Of Gold" - available now. We Bring You... is the eagerly awaited follow up to the wonderful John Barleycorn Reborn compilation that was released a couple of years ago, again it ploughs a distinctive rich seam of dark folk tunes. It contains 34 tracks on double CD and download direct from the Cold Spring label and Amazon etc. Their song on the compilation is an exclusive alternative and extended mix of Blood And Bones (Ciderdelica mix), infused with a heady scrumpy vibe. Also on the compilation is the wonderful Corncrow (featuring Kim Guy - our previous singer extroadinaire and lifetime honorary"Rowan"). By the way, Corncrow's debut CD is also available now - check out the Corncrow myspace site. Other highlights include one of our very favourite contemporary folk tracks ever - Earthen Key by Barron Brady (a folk duo from just over the river from us) along with our other fave bands The Hare And The Moon, Sproatly Smith and Wyrdstone. If you like contemporary folk with a mystical bygone vibe this compilation is for you.

November 2010 We are just making up the last small batch of handmade Heartwood CDs, and those will be the last handmade ones we make. They will be available exclusively direct from us in the MillerSounds shop. So if you would like a handmade copy of the album, now is the time to order. Heartwood reached number 1 in both the English Folk and Acid Folk charts at CDbaby. We are informed that Heartwood is at number 56,490 in the Amazon UK album chart for UK sales of the import version! (not good news for the carbon footprint). So a big, big thank you to all of you who bought the CD.

Also, The Rowan Amber Mill have a track included on a free download-only compilation made available from the wonderful people at FATEA. Their showcase session for Winter 2010 is entitled Rising, and includes a one track from us, along with 14 further tracks from other artists covering a wide range of styles. You can download the session from 1st November from

October 2010 Heartwood is now (belatedly) available on iTunes.

September 2010 Heartwood received its official worldwide release on 20th September 2010. We have been informed that it is already out of stock at CDbaby (we have rushed them some further supplies of Heartwood CDs so they'll be available form CDbaby again very shortly). You can also buy them direct from us (both here and from our eBay shop), from Amazon and elsewhere. You can also preview all the tracks on and

August 2010 (ii)Heartwood limited handcrafted editions available now from our shop ahead of its official worldwide release date of 20th September 2010. Heartwood contains 14 tracks (55mins) of Woodland Folkadelica, and it is already garnering some very nice reviews in magazines and on the web. You can find out all the details about Heartwood on our Heartwood page. We hope you enjoy it.

There is a nice little review of Heartwood in the current issue of Shindig, the uber cool magazine for the discerning listener. A selective quote from the review reads thus:- "The Rowan Amber Mill and their album Heartwood come across like a British version of first album Espers - all melodious vocals, earthly splendor and quiet grace". Buy the magazine to read the longer review - it is a really great (and unmissable) magazine with some wonderful music, film and pop culture.

The Rowan Amber Mill also now have a Rowan Amber Mill YouTube channel which currently contains a wonderful video of English Shire (taken from the new album). The video was very kindly made overseas by Italian film director by Francesco Paolo Paladino. Check it out.

Latest News August 2010 (i) With the release date of The Rowan Amber Mill's debut full length album (entitled Heartwood) approaching we have been double-busy. We have been putting together the individually handcrafted limited edition version of the album, and beginning to re-jig the website ready for the new release. The official release date of the album is 20th September 2010, however, you'll be able to order the album from this site from 31st August 2010. (Subscribers to our mailing list will already have access to the pre-release information). We have just begun to receive the first reviews in for Heartwood. Here are a few quotes:

"Having quietly raved about the Rowan Amber Mill's previous release, it's a real pleasure to be able to turn our attention this time to 'Heartwood'. The album's well worth seeking out. Lovely stuff! Get it before it's gone."

Few tellers of whispered woodland tales tell them so effectively as The Rowan Amber Mill. To cure your ills just take a dose of its idyllic folk beauty and drift off into another wholly more peaceful and wonderful world you'll love every second. In all Heartwood offers 14 tracks to relish and savour, and when you hear them you will, no question. -

Latest News July 2010 The Rowan Amber Mill's debut full length album (entitled Heartwood) has now been completed and pressed and will be released on 20th September 2010. It will be available to order direct from this website on 31st August 2010 in both a very special individually handcrafted edition and a standard jewel case edition. Heartwood will also be available to be bought and downloaded from 20th September 2010 from iTunes, CDBaby,, etc etc. In the meantime a couple of randomly selected tracks from Heartwood can be heard on their Facebook page.

May 2010The Rowan Amber Mill have been very busy mixing the new album over the last couple of months and so here is what has been happening. Everything ch ch changes - Meticulous planning over the recording of the album worked wonderfully and very smoothly, and come January, 90% percent of the music had been recorded and it just needed the vocals adding. Unfortunately, at this crucial stage our singer found herself unable to record the vocals, and so our best laid plans for finishing off the album with vocals and layers of vocal harmonies went down the temporarily plug hole. Although recording the vocals in the uncomfortable keys proved a serious and very time consuming challenge, the creativity that came out of the necessity to change the feel of the album has paid dividends and the album is infinitely better for it. The album is almost finished being mixed now so you'll be able to hear it very soon. A unfortunate bi-product of the singer's indisposition mean't that, with the time available, they were unable to get the band sufficiently ready for the planned live / festival dates, and so they had to be cancelled. Apologies for any disappointment for those planning to attend, it was a decision that wasn't taken lightly, but was one in the circumstances that we had no choice in. They hope the album will be ready for official release somewhere around late July time, but we'll let you hear some preview tracks before then. Thanks for your patience. x.

February 2010 iiKim's solo CD now available. The Rowan AMber Mill's singer Kim, has her long awaited solo album released this week. It is called Wednesday's Child - and is a wonderful collection of traditional and contemporary folk, with a few surprises. You can sample some songs from the album on Kim's myspace page. Also, you can read all about the album's mystical, mythical journey on Kim's blog page. Then of course, you can buy the Wednesday's Child CD in all its shiny disc glory, at her bespoke cyber boutique at Wyrdwyrksrecords. Go check it out.

February 2010 i The Rowan Amber Mill have had a couple of mini festival dates confirmed this week. The first is Rye Goes Rock - Medieval Village taking place in the beautiful medieval town of Rye, over the weekend of 5th and 6th June. We'll be playing on the 6th June - time tbc. The official website is Secondly, they are delighted to be playing the Midwich Rooms at Leigh Folk Festival on 27th June (time tbc). Check out their myspace site at Both festivals promise to have some truly fantastic music, they hope you can make it and they hope to see you there. We'll publish some more details of these two dates as soon as they become available. Our 2008 download only ep Folk Devils and Moral Panics available at We wish to point you in the direction of a wonderful, and wonderfully exotic bespoke download boutique that has just been launched this week and is located at You will of course be aware of Sideways Through Sound through their equally wonderful essential weekly radio shows that play some of the best new and niche folk underground, accoustica, americana and pysch music. Sideways Through Sound have long been supporters of The Rowan Amber Mill, and were early champions of our music (long before they ever managed to get any music released - which was truly a real inspiration for them finally getting the music properly together). In the midst of the superb range of music available at you will be able to download their recent release Midsummers. Also you will be able to download their debut 6 track e.p. Folk Devils and Moral Panics which has never been released on CD and has only been previously available as a download from the majestic So take a trip along to and check out the fantastic range of albums, ep's and singles (including many exclusive to Sideways Through Sound) that nestle in amongst the virtual racks. You'll love it.

January 2010Direct from The Rowan Amber Mll - "All our available time is still going into recording. We have spent 30 days recording so far and we are recording some vocals, and other nice things. Follow us on The Rowan Amber Mill Twitter page for all the latest recording minutiae. Stay tuned for news of an exclusive track of ours appearing on a dark folk compilation CD and also some live news. Gigging: We are just about to start organise some live dates for next year in support of the album release. So if you want to hear us play in your neck of the woods (or forest we're not fussy) please let us know of any local venues you think suitable for us to play and we'll see what we can arrange. We have a couple of festival gigs penciled in for the summer and will let you know about these shortly".

Oct 2009Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - "We have now put together a second limited edition run of the Midsummers CD following the first edition's completely selling out a couple of months ago, and it can now be purchased from our web shop. The 2nd handcrafted edition is identical to the first edition except that the 2nd edition is not numbered. So thanks to everyone who has enquired about a 2nd edition following the original edition selling out. (Standard jewel case editions are still available in our our web shop).For full information, track listing, and some rather lovely reviews of Midsummers, check out the releases section. A selection of tracks from 'midsummers' are available to listen to at The Rowan Amber Mill myspace page and also on The Rowan Amber Mill Reverb Nation page. Recording, Expansion and Gigging. Recording: October finds us in the studio starting to record 12 tracks for our album which will be released early in 2010. At this early stage it's all going incredibly well. If you'd like to follow the minutiae of what we are doing in the studio check out The Rowan Amber Mill Twitter page and occasional photos will appear on The Rowan Amber Mill Facebook page, and we'll let you hear some Work In Progress songs somewhere (sign up to our Mailing list to hear where it maybe first). Expansion: We are delighted to announce the arrival of our fourth member Sharon, who neatly completes the circle. A multi-instrumentalist and virtuoso recorder player she is a welcome addition to the band, and in the short time that she has joined she has already made a real impact on the music and it is a delight to be making music with her."

Sept 2009It seems peculiarly apt that just as we officially move into Autumn, the limited edition version midsummers has now completely sold out (standard jewel case editions are still available in our our web shop). A big thanks to everyone who has bought either editions of the CD, and thanks also for all the lovely messages you have sent to us about it - we truly appreciate it. We have also just been added to CDbaby, so you can purchase and download Midsummers direct from there - check out The Rowan Amber Mill on CDbaby, it is also available from iTunes and will shortly be available from a whole host of other download sites. For full information, track listing, and some rather lovely reviews of Midsummers, check out the releases section. A selection of tracks from 'midsummers' are available to listen to at The Rowan Amber Mill myspace page and also on The Rowan Amber Mill Reverb Nation page

June 2009Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - "Our 10 track debut CD, entitled midsummers, which we have been earnestly putting together over the last three months was released on 24th June (Midsummers Day). The songs on the CD are themed around feelings and elements emanating from Summer. There are 2 different editions available. The first is a very special first run edition (limited to 50) handcrafted gatefold slipcase made from 100% recycled chipboard with expanded artwork and sleeve notes. The standard edition is presented in a jewel case and will be available from 24th June. The Rowan Amber are recruiting. The Rowan Amber Mill are currently recruiting for extra musicians, so if you live in the Devon / Cornwall end of the South West and you can sing or play violin or percussion (or flute or autoharp etc), and want to join us in our musical reveries, then please do drop us a line via our contact form. New places to hear The Rowan Amber Mill music. Firstly, The Rowan Amber Mill have some music and pictures now in place a Last FM so check it out at The Rowan Amber Mill on Last FM. There may be some other things added there soon - once we've worked out what it is all about. It seems like a lovely place to be and there is loads of great music there - both new and old. Also fans of the transistor radio (and its internet equivalent) will be pleased to hear of a couple of shows from opposite sides of the world who regularly play The Rowan Amber Mill music on their shows. Firstly, out of the USA, comes A Darker Shade Of Pagan, and internet based radio show playing some fine dark underground music including all of our faves like Espers, Marissa Nadler, Ex Reverie etc. The 60 minute show is magically hosted by the magnificently Lebowskieqsue Jason Pitzl-Waters, and is available to download via the podcast direct from the A Darker Shade Of Pagan website. Beyond The Pale compilation CD Secondly, from Australia, is the very wonderful Sideways Through Sound show, which broadcasts 90 mins of top acoustic pysch reverie every Wednesday over the radio on 2SER 107.3, Sydney, Australia at 21.00 (Australian time). The show is streamed on the internet so it can be heard all over the world (and beyond) on the 2SER website. If you want to tune in you will need to adjust your timepieces. If you are in the UK tune in at 10.00, Berlin 11.00, USA - NY 07.00, SF 02.00 etc. If you can't catch it live the show can it be downloaded directly from the Sideways Through Sound website. Those folks at Sideways Through Sound have also released a rather wonderful limited edition double CD set featuring some top weird folkists (including some of our own faves such as Arborea, Silver Pines and The Gentle Good). Our own track on the compilation is 'Blood and Blones' and it appears on CD for the first (and only) time. The CD is available via the official Sideways Through Sound myspace page and also from the official Sideways Through Sound home page. There you will find more details and a full tracklisting. Check it out. The legendary Terrascope Online (Terrascopic Magazine) reviewed our track Blood and Bones on the compilation and said "Working to an epic scale, The Rowan Amber Mill are intense and magnificent on "Blood and Bones", a hypnotic banjo adding menace to the tune, whilst an incessant drone nags away at the back of your mind "."

May 2009Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - "Our debut CD, entitled midsummers, which we have been earnestly putting together over the last three months is nearing completion. The CD will be released on 24th June (Midsummers Day) and will be available to pre-order from our website. The songs on the CD are all loosely themed around Summer, and as those of you who have followed us on our Twitter feed will have read, the recording has been a blast. Stay tuned for further news of the CD. To be the first to hear the full details of the CD, its release dates / pre-ordering and forthcoming live dates sign up to our mailing list. The Rowan Amber Mill are currently in the "studio" recording a number of tracks for some forthcoming releases that will be released over the coming months. You can follow the progress in minute detail over on The Rowan Amber Mill Twitter page, and also in Photographic form over on The Rowan Amber Mill Facebook page, plus hear the progress on The Rowan Amber Mill Reverb Nation page. To be the first to hear the details of the CD release dates / pre-ordering and forthcoming live dates sign up to our mailing list."

Jan 2009 The Rowan Amber Mill are slowly emerging from their wintry slumbers. New recordings are beginning to emerge and will continue to do so over the next few months alongside preparations for some live dates later in the year - more news soon.

Aug 2008 ii Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill -"The first release by The Rowan Amber Mill is a 6 track mini album entitled 'folk devils and moral panics'. The mini album is currently available as a download only on the rather lovely and totally ethical downloads website the indmill. So what is so great about the indmill site? (well quite a lot of things actually). Firstly, their downloads are very reasonably priced at £1.25 / $1.70 per album and £0.45p / $0.70 per single / e.p. Secondly, the music is available at higher bit rates than other download sites - either cd quality 320kbs or near as dammit 256kbs. Thirdly, the artist gets 90% of the proceeds of the sales. Fourthly, the site is also geared towards a percentage of each and every sale being made to charitable organisations. What more incentive do you need? You could say that this is what post-medieval society has been waiting for. We are very pleased and honored to have our music made available on such a fantastic site. So why not check out The Rowan Amber Mill page at the indmill and get some music."

Aug 2008 i Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - "Lots of things are happening. Firstly, you may have noticed a name change, The Amber Folk Mill are now called The Rowan Amber Mill, just because we liked the sound of that better. Also we have finished three new versions of tracks (The Hunter, Saturnalia and A Miller's Tale) based on the original recorded demos. You will be able to download the tracks shortly as they are being made available on a new ethical downloads site - which is nice. The four of us will be recording some new tracks shortly, which we'll let you know more about soon. "

Jun 2008 ii Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - Just to let you know the music of The Rowan Amber Mill will be played on the radio on 2SER 107.3, Sydney, Australia on at 22.00 on Monday 30th June on the lovely Sideways Through Sound show. For those who don't know, Sideways Through Sound is a gorgeous show playing a wide range of pyschedelic-folk tunes. It is now being streamed on the internet so it can be heard all over the world (and beyond) on the 2SER website. If you want to tune in you will need to adjust your timepieces. If you are in the UK tune in at 13.00. Berlin 14.00. USA - NY 08.00, SF 05.30 etc."

Jun 2008 i Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - "The Rowan Amber Mill has expanded into a quartet. Joining Stephen, Kim and Terry is percussionist Donna. Check out the links page for Donna's home page and myspace site ."

Apr 2008 Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - "If you find yourself in Sydney, Australia on 24th April between 22.00 and 00.00, you you would be wise to tune in to the lovely Sideways Through Sound radio show on 99.3FM Sydney. The show plays superb selections of fingerpicking acoustic / psychedelic music - what could be better. This weeks show will include a track from The Rowan Amber Mill. If you don't find yourself in Sydney - as you were."

Mar 2008 Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - "The The Rowan Amber Mill has expanded into a trio. Joining Stephen in the band is a proper singer, guitarist and recorder player extroadinaire - Kim, and a proper Bass player / percussionist - Terry. The band have had a couple of get togethers and are casually going through a dozen original songs with a view to recording them (soon) and playing them live (soonish)."

Dec 2007 Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - "In early December 2007, The Rowan Amber Mill were transported (against our will) to a remote Cider Apple orchard in Devon, where local natives forced us to perform a Wassail to the spirit of the Apple King. The results of which is our version of the medieval traditional English song Wassail that we have now posted up. A local shepherd came along to play his pipes, and 107 accordions played along to the song (although 104 of them are completely silent). We all managed to escape in the back of a Tesco's lorry that had come to pick up the Apple harvest. "

Sep 2007 ii Just posted up on the Music Player page is the latest completed track entitled Saturnalia. This has been the most difficult track ever to mix (and will no doubt have to mixed again properly before too long). Musically its pretty stripped down to acoustic guitar, some rough strings, harp with some meaty percussion and a cidered up cornet."

Aug 2007 ii Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - "Just posted up on the Music Player page is the latest completed track entitled A Millers Tale. Musically it features lead Glockenspiel, diatonic Accordion, cheap Mandolin and even cheaper furniture. Lyrically its either a revenge tale or its a retrospective plea for social justice during the late medieval period - just like the rest of the songs - tee hee!"

Aug 2007 i Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - "Back from seeing some great bands play at the Green Man Festival in beautiful Wales. Personal highlights included Men-an-Tol, P.G. Six, Thistletown, Tunng, The Lilac Time and a superb set by Findlay Brown. Lowlights included the mud by the end of the festival. Roll on Moseley."

Jul 2007 Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - "Recording continues. Now posted up on the Music Player page is the latest completed track entitled Blood and Bones. Those with a keen ear will detect the presence of Mellotron Violins, a Flemish Bagpipe drone, Woodblocks and old paint pots stacked on the floor of a shed."

Jun 2007 Direct from The Rowan Amber Mill - "The cyber home of The Rowan Amber Mill, purveyors of Pastoral Folkadelica, now open's it doors. Cogs are turning, songs have been written, olde instruments have been dusted off, and tape machines are whirring (or to put it simply - some new music is being recorded - as we speak). One tune has been posted up - The Hunter (featuring Terry - former miller drummer - on drums), some more tunes will be posted up soon."

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