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July 2015

Coming later in 2015, a joint release on the Millersounds and Owltextures labels, the radiophonic acid-folk horror soundtrack to the 1975 film The Children of the Scorpion. Here is a teaser for the release.

December 2014

Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winter's Evening by Angeline Morrison and The Rowan Amber Mill was released on 8th December 2014. It is available as a limited edition CDr version exclusively available from Millersounds shop, deluxe download version available from Bandcamp and standard downloads (with four bonus tracks, extra artwork, video ect) are available from our the Millersounds Digital Emporium, iTunes etc. For more information go to the releases section. In the meantime you can watch a taster promo for the release and you can also hear Silent Night, and Cold Winter Morning on the players below.



Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winter's Evening


Ocober 2014 (ii)

Just in time for Halloween we are happy to announce that The Book of the Lost by Emily Jones and The Rowan Amber Mill is now available to download from iTunes, Amazon etc. An extra special Deluxe Download version with two exclusive previously unreleased bonus tracks, 2 promo films, CD and promotional artwork is exclusively available from The Rowan Amber Mill Bandcamp and Owltextures Bandcamp sites.

Ocober 2014 (i)

Songs from the Black Meadow


The Songs from the Black Meadow album which features The Rowan Amber Mill and Angeline Morrison track The Meadow's Call is now available. It is available on CD and download. There is also a 68 page book available seperately which contains the lyrics to the tracks on the album plus a brand new Black Meadow tale by author Chris Lambert (all profits from the book got to Worldwide Cancer research). Read more here about the book, the album, the very special free launch evening (21st October) and more here.

July 2014

The Rowan Amber Mill have been working on some music with the wonderful Angeline Morrison, and we can now reveal the first offering from our collaboration which is entitled The Meadow's Call. The song was inspired by Chris Lambert's collection of short stories Tales from the Black Meadow, and it will feature on the Songs From the Black Meadow album to be released in October on the Exiled label. Other artists also contributing songs to what promises to be an exceptional album include Emily Jones, The Hare and the Moon, Alison O'Donnell, Wyrdstone, The Souless Party, Kid Moxie, Septimus Keen and many more. Here is the video for their contribution The Meadow's Call.

May 2014

The Rowan Amber Mill have been working on some tunes with a wonderful singer Angeline Morrison (check out some of her wondrous music here and here). More news of that soon. In the meantime the Rowans have been working on some music for what they hope will be an album sometime in the near future. In a clear case of putting the cart before the horse, as a taster for the album they have put out a video for the song what will be the first track on that album. So here is their video for The Buzzard and the Nightingale.

April 2014

The Rowan Amber Mill and Emily Jones and WMT4R have just released a couple of covers of the Gary Numan new wave electro classic Are Friends Electric? In keeping with the zietgeist (and so we don't have to sort out licences etc) it is available to stream only over at Bandcamp and YouTube. Anyway, the two versions we have done are a Hurdy Gurdy version (featuring hurdy gurdy, crumhorns etc) and a Medieval Disco remix by WMT4R.

March 2014

Happy St Piran's Day, and happy 5th March 2014 which also happens to be The Book of the Lost retail release day. You can buy it from amongst other places, various Amazons around the world, CDbaby, and special mention goes to the indie wonderland that is Norman Records, and of course you can buy the standard and deluxe editions straight from us in our shop, from our shop over on eBay and also at .

To celebrate the release we are running a mega competition (it practically rivals The Gadget Show competition - almost). In the competition you can win: A one-off ultra-special edition of The Book of the Lost, two Rowan Amber Mill albums, an Emily Jones album, two Folk double CD compilations, a DVD-R of a strange film we found about witches, a big bar of Dark Chocolate and a liquorice and peppermint tea bag.

Head on over to The Book of the Lost Facebook page for more details on our easy to enter mega competition.

January 2014

The Book of the Lost by Emily Jones and The Rowan Amber Mill

Happy New Year. The Book of the Lost is due for its full retail release 5th March 2014 (fittingly as it's also St Piran's Day for a CD that was 50% made in Cornwall).

The Book of the Lost was reviewed in MOJO Magazine (Feb 14) which pleased us greatly.

The Book of teh Lost MOJO review

The Rowan Amber Mill are still working on a fair amount of music at the moment and we hope some of it will be released this year. In the meantime here is the full trailer for The Book of the Lost.

December 2013

The Book of the Lost by Emily Jones and The Rowan Amber Mill will receives its full retail release early in 2014. Reviews currently trickle in - there is a good review of the album in fRoots magazine.

October 2013

The Book of the Lost by Emily Jones and The Rowan Amber Mill receives a limited released on 31st October 2013. The 10 track CD is available exclusively to order in Standard and Deluxe Editions from the Millersounds shop and also at The Book of the Lost (there will be a fuller general release into music retailers in early 2014). Go to The Rowan Amber Mill news section for further information.

The Book of The Lost Deluxe Edition The Book Of The Lost Standrad Edition

August 2013

The Rowan Amber Mill have a new track included on the latest sampler from the lovely people at Active Listener. The Book Of The Lost (Instrumental Theme) is taken from the forthcoming The Book Of The Lost project that we have been putting together with Emily Jones. This track sees us taking a musical diversion into folk horror with and a Paddy Kingsland influence (at the pastoral end of the Radiophonic Workshop). The Active Listener sampler 11 is available to listen / download on bandcamp and includes tracks by Cornershop, The Sufis and many more.

July 2013

The Rowan Amber Mill have been busy recording and we are happy to announce they will be releasing an e.p. in collaboration with Emily Jones. The Book Of The Lost is a collection of original westcountry folk horror songs for an imaginary 1970s TV serial. The CD will be released on 31st October 2013. We have put together a teaser trailer for the project - which you can take a look at below.


Check out the The Rowan Amber Mill news page for more information.

December 2012

Hail Be You Sovereigns, Lief And Dear.









The Rowan Amber Mill have contributed a track to the latest in a series of dark folk double compilation CDs put out by the Cold Spring label entitled 'Hail Be You Sovereigns, Lief And Dear, which they describe as "30 tracks from the cream of current dark British Folk music". It is released at the end of December but you can pre-order now direct from Cold Spring.

Check out the The Rowan Amber Mill news page for more information.


More artists to be announced shortly for a series of 2014/15 releases.

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